Can. Ch. Aotearoa Emrys Mango
born March 7, 2005
Sire:- Can.Ch. Aotearoa Manuka 2nd Dam:- Can.Ch. Aotearoa Mata Hari at Emrys

bred, owned, and handled by Barbara N Daley co-breeder/owner Lois A Freedman

Mati did have a 3rd litter, and this time we had 4 lovely girls to choose from, and 2 very nice boys as well. Mango had a certain "sparkle" right from the start set her apart from her sisters, and she also had the white front paws I love so much. There was never any doubt she would be our "keeper".

Mango finished her Championship by 18 months of age with 2 Best Puppy in Group and 2nd in Adult Group wins along the way. Her consistent Specialty wins in Canada and the USA include:-

1st 6 to 9 month bitches IWCC National 2005 - breeder/judge Gretchen Bernardi, USA (pictured above)
4th 6 to 9 month bitches Sweeps IWAGS 2005- breeder/judge Lois Thomasson, USA
4th 6 to 9 month bitches Regular classes IWAGS 2005 - breeder/judge Jenny Dove, UK
2nd 12 to 15 months Sweeps IWCA National 2006- breeder/judge Amy Benjamin, USA
3rd 12 to 18 months Regular classes IWCA National 2006 - breeder/ judge Eileen M Flanagan, USA
1st 12 to 18 months IWCC Quebec Regional 2006- breeder/judge Dorothy Arn, USA
1st 15 to 18 months Sweeps IWANE 2006 - judge Edward F Lyons Jr., USA
1st 12 to 18 months Regular classes IWANE 2006 - Judge Patricia V Trotter, USA who described Mango thus:-
" The winner is a correct package with a good front and excellent legs and bone. She is nice over the top, with well let down hocks that contribute to her effortless gait. Her proper head and eye are also among her assets".
3rd Bred by Exhibitor bitches IWCC Mid Canada 2006 - breeder/judge Sorcha R Wild, UK
3rd Bred by Exhibitor bitches IWCC National 2006- breeder/ judge Elizabeth C Murphy, Ireland
2nd Novice bitches IWADV 2006- Gretchen Bernardi, USA, whose critique gave me a chuckle. Many judges consider Mango's naturally high head carriage one of her greatest assets. Gretchen described Mango thus:-
"This is another wonderful bitch - strong, substantial and shapely . She has a slightly upright neck, a characteristic that her owner/breeder and I have a friendly disagreement about, but which I find incorrect. This bitch's neck was quite strong, but set on too high, and slightly exaggerated. Nevertheless she has strength and quality to spare."

Mango's first litter is due March 2, 2008, sired by the exciting young Manuka son Aotearoa Lee Ridge Tote, "Salt".

Barbara Daley


Mango at 2+ weeks, our keeper for sure. How could I resist those white paws?


Mango at 5 months, practicing for her show ring debut



Mango at 8 months, Group 2nd and Best Puppy in Group


Mango at 14 months, 1st 12 to 18 months IWCC Quebec Regional Specialty 2006



Mango at 14 months, on the move, at the  IWCC Quebec Specialty 2006


Mango at 16 months, 1st 15 to 18 month bitches, Sweeps, IWANE 06



Mango's beautiful head.