Can. Ch. Aotearoa Mangu Kui

born 06 March, 1997 pictured at 2 &1/2 years

Sire: Can.Ch. Alano Aotearoa Huhu     Dam: Can.Ch. Aotearoa Belleghuan Tainui

Breeder/Owner/Handler: Barbara Daley

Kui is my second "black beauty" as she was born a few hours after her litter brother Mumu. She is every inch a lady, hence her name, which means "Black Madam". Her elegance was there from birth, and there was never any doubt in my mind that she would stay. She is quite the most beautiful creature I have ever bred. However, like Dubs and Moana, she has never cared for the show ring. She just tolerates it to please me, so I have not shown her as much as I would have liked, not wanting to ask to much of her. She finished with ease with a Group placement, and each time I have entered her in the Gait class at Specialties she has been in until the last cut. Her most recent outing was her most successful. At 6 & 1/2 years of age she won the Gait class at our 2003 IWCC National Specialty over many splendid movers less than half her age. What made this win even more exciting was that Judge Lynn Simon donated that huge piece if silverware, the Stoneybrook Kaos Memorial Trophy for BEST GAIT after winning the previous one outright 3 times with his own hounds.

Kui has had 3 small litters. From her 27 November 2002 litter came my handsome young black boy Aotearoa The Rising of Tokelry (Bruce), and from her most recent litter of one, born 12 December 03 came a most delightful little girl I have named Aotearoa Kui's Kotiro, which means "Kui's girl". She is going nowhere!!! How very grateful I am to have these 2 exciting youngsters to carry Kui's beauty on to future generations of Aotearoa Irish Wolfhounds.

Now just a few days from her 7th birthday she is reclining in luxury with her lifelong friend and companion litter brother Mumu on the

new mattress with a Royal Purple cover that I made them for their 7th birthday present. Long live my 2 black beauties!!!

Barbara Daley