Can.Ch. Aotearoa Mangu Mumu

Veteran 2004
Veteran 2005

 Born 06 March, 1997       Pictured at 2 years
Sire: Can.Ch. Alano Aotearoa Huhu       Dam: Can. Ch. Aotearoa Belleghuan Tainui
Breeder/Owner/Handler:   Barbara Daley

    Mumu, my "black warrior" caught my eye the moment he was born. In this my first sleek, shiny, black puppy I saw the best of all his male ancestors coming together in a very exciting way. The gentle dignity, that look of ages past from his sire Huhu, and his grandsire Hoki, and his sire Socks, the size, bone, and power of his maternal grand sire Guinness, the presence and showmanship of Ira. As he grew these things became more apparent, proving it was not just my fanciful imagination, or wishful thinking.
    At his first  show at 6 months & 3 days of age he won his first 4 points going Winners Dog and Best of Winners over adult competition at an IWCC Booster at Carp, Ontario September 1997.  He also won his class at the IWCC Specialty 2 weeks later in Puppy Sweepstakes under Breeder/Judge Linda Souza.  I did not show him the following year as he was truly "a long drink of water"  and needed to fill into his huge frame. By 2 years of age he was looking magnificent, and finished easily with Group Placements.

 As a sire he exceeded all my expectations.  His many fine progeny are easily recognizable by their long, strong, legs, neck, and body, lovely typical heads, powerful muscular hindquarters,  easy, active movement, and great presence.  From his 11 litters came Canadian and American Champions and Specialty winners as well as great companions in all colours, but in only 2 of these litters where there any blacks. Mumu is still in fine shape at almost 7 years of age with many grandchildren as well as more recent progeny of his own starting to make their presence felt here at home, as well as many other homes and kennels across North America.


Barbara Daley