Veteran 2004


at 7 & 1/2 years

Mumu had a very exciting Veteran career at Specialties in Canada and the USA in 2004.  He placed in his Veteran Dog class at all 6 Irish Wolfhound Specialties he attended, 2 firsts, IWANE & IWCC National under breeder / judges Elizabeth C Murphy & Judi Orsi; 2 seconds, IWCA National & IWCC Quebec Regional under breeder / judges  Anthony Killykeen-Doyle & Ika Peiler, and 2 fourths, IWAGS & IWADV. under breeder / judges Dagmar Kenis-Pordham &

 Ulli Peiler.
He is pictured here at the IWANE first independent Specialty in Warwick, RI, USA , total entry 125 Irish Wolfhounds, where he not only won first in his Veteran Dog class, but also an Award of Merit over BISS winning American Champions much younger than himself under breeder/judge
Elizabeth C  Murphy, Carrokeel, Ireland.