I am a New Zealander by birth. I met my Canadian born husband Cliff in Syndey, Australia in 1963 and came to Canada later that year. During the first 5 years here I saw a lot of the rest of the world, travelling with Cliff to many countries where he was putting on Trade Fairs for the Canadian Government Exhibition Commission. In 1968 when he finally stopped globe trotting and settled down to a desk job in Ottawa we moved to this idyllic spot in the beautiful Gatineau Hills, Quebec, just 20 minutes North of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada's capital city. I thought it the perfect place to raise Irish Wolfhounds, and it has proved to be all I hoped for. The hounds thrive in the winter. Watching them romp through the snow is still one of my greatest pleasures. Though the summers can get quite hot here, the heavily forested landscape provides plenty of cooling shade.
     I got my first  hound in 1970, chose my kennel name AOTEAROA, (the Maori name for New Zealand) and the Maori names I give my dogs as a tribute to my homeland.  Now 33 years later I am still devoted to these magnificent hounds, and an enjoying the company of the 10th generation of home bred AOTEAROA Irish Wolfhounds whose pedigrees include many International Champions and Specialty winners. Some AOTEAROA  hounds have already become the foundation for other successful Canadian Kennels, and I find it very rewarding to see newer breeders also starting to produce fine hounds descended from my own. I hope I will contine to live with, breed and show these wonderful hounds for many years yet. I cannot imagine life without them.
    Pictured with me here in the early 1980's are Can.Ch. Ballycastle Aotearoa Rata, and Can. Ch. Ballycastle Aotearoa Maui, my third and 4th Irish Wolfhounds. They are littermates, bred by Irwin Levy of Montreal, sired by Can.Ch. Imperial Baron, (#1 IW in Canada 1975 & 1976) out of Can. Ch. Ballycastle Kate of Elmbrae, one of the many fine Elmbrae hounds bred by Lucetta Kelly of Nova Scotia in the 1970's and 1980's and part of the foundation of many Canadian Irish Wolfhound kennels.
    I am quite new to the world of computers, so I am very grateful to Nicholas MacLeod for creating this  lovely website for me