Can. Ch. Aotearoa Tuatea Sophie
born 23 May 2007
  Sire;   Can. Ch. Aotearoa Kia Ora                       Dam:  Can Ch. Aotearoa Te Ngarara Huarau " Monster Girl"

 Pictured  above at  2 years of age at the IWANE Specialty 2009 where she placed 2nd in Bred By Exhibitor bitches to the eventual Winners Bitch and Best of Winners, and won the Best Head class for the 2nd  time at this show under breeder/judge Tony Redmond,  Athcarne IWs Ireland. She is pictured on the move to this win below.

Because I had such a hard time choosing who to keep between Sophie and her litter sister Sibyl she may have been destined to come back to me through no fault of her own.  When I saw how beautiful she was I just could not let her go again so I kept her, and am so very
glad I did.  Though very close to Sibyl in confirmation , her attitude towards the show ring is quite different.  While Sibyl just puts up with it to please me, Sophie LOVES it!  She is a natural "show girl", and always looks right up at the judge. With her dark, mascara rimmed eyes,  long black eyelashes, and dark ears always perfectly rosed, making a striking contrast with her pale blond beauty she is hard to resist.  She has already won 3 Best Head classes at Specialties in Canada and the USA, just 2 to go to catch up to  dear old Manuka with 5 Best Head classes at Specialties to his credit.

Sophie started her show career at 8 months by winning the Hound Group at a Sanction Match under breeder/judge Susan Prokopenko, who said she would have won Best In Match if she had free stacked.  If that is all she could find wrong with her I sure wasn't complaining!
Next time out at 11 months of age she earned her first 6 points in one day at the Hochelaga KC shows in Montreal, taking 2 points for Best of Opposite Sex over Champions and Best Puppy at the all breed show in the morning, and  Best of Winners and Best Puppy at the Queon Lure Coursing Assn. Specialty in an entry of 16 IWs under judge James G Reynolds in the afternoon for 4 more points, pictured below.

Like her sister Sibyl , Sophie won group placements on the way to her Championship. Some of her exciting Specialty wins are pictured  below. Also some cute baby photos of her.  I am very proud of both these lovely daughters of my beautiful Monster Girl.

Sophie Best Head IWANE Specialty 08      
Sophie Best Head IWAGS 2008- breeder/judge Jim Behan, Ireland
Sophie  & Louise IWCC Quebec Specialty 2008
Sophie 1st 12 to 18 months IWAGS Specialty -breeder judge Jim Behan, Ireland
Sophie 5 weeks
Sophie 7 weeks